AMSOIL Arenacross
Racer Profile
White Sands Construction, Inc. & Dirty Dirt Bags
2018 Amateur Midwest Series
 Series Points  Summary 
 Class   Class Rank   Class Points   Points Behind Leader   Qualified Events   Main Wins 
 Ultracross 50cc 4-8 20th34110
 51cc 4-8 Limited 31st13710
 51cc 7-8 Limited -03710
 Event Finish Summary 
Sunday Glendale Supercross Amateur Racing - 1/28/2018 - University of Phoenix Stadium
Class; Number Brand Heat Main Points Earned  
  Ultracross 50cc 4-8    #19  KTM  13th 14th  3  
  51cc 4-8 Limited    #19  KTM  17th 16th  1  
  51cc 7-8 Limited    #19  KTM  19th 18th  0  
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