AMSOIL Arenacross
Racer Profile
Bent Metal Off Road, JN Auto, motorsports md, Spy, Odi Grips, Dunlop, Illusive Glove, Imagines by McKensi
2018 Amateur Midwest Series
 Series Points  Summary 
 Class   Class Rank   Class Points   Points Behind Leader   Qualified Events   Main Wins 
 Ultracross 50cc 4-8 22nd14310
 51cc 4-8 Limited -03810
 51cc 7-8 Limited -03710
 Event Finish Summary 
Sunday Glendale Supercross Amateur Racing - 1/28/2018 - University of Phoenix Stadium
Class; Number Brand Heat Main Points Earned  
  Ultracross 50cc 4-8    #241  COB  14th 16th  1  
  51cc 4-8 Limited    #241  COB  16th 18th  0  
  51cc 7-8 Limited    #241  COB  21st 21st  0  
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